In addition to outdoor aerial photography, Eagle Aerial Images provides radio-controlled blimps and pilots for a variety of events including conventions, trade shows, sporting events, concerts, functions, parties, and weddings.

Gently floating above the crowds, blimps draw immediate attention. People remember advertising signs on blimps. Wiith your logo on the side of one of our blimps, people will remember company or organization. Add your convention stand number and attract people away from your competitors. Consider having a bubble machine fitted to our blimp. The trail of bubbles is a sure attention-grabber.

Advertise your product and gain attention, increasing visitors to your display/business. As our blimp floats above the crowd, it can drop your leaflets/flyers/business cards -- a sure attention-getter.
Blimps are a uniquel way of advertising, enabling you to get the edge on your competitors. Consider having a tethered blimp floating above your business to advertise sales or special offers or to simply direct customers to your business.

  • trade shows
  • sporting events
  • conventions
  • advertising
  • company picnics
  • parties

Eagle Aerial Images blimp pilot drops tickets and other items down to eager spectators at a Florida Seals ice hockey game.
Kiwanis International Convention, Orlando
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